Key Stage 3Jarrow School Uniform

  • White school polo shirt with school logo.
  • Black school sweatshirt with school logo.
  • Black tailored trousers or skirt. (Trousers should be full length, skirts should reach to the knee and be plain).
  • Black shoes of a conventional style (Doc Martin, ankle type boots, trainers, Ugg type boots or sports shoes must not be worn).
  • Black socks or tights.
  • PE Kit - black socks, black shorts, blue top and tracksuit (tracksuit is blue with school logo)
  • No jewellery other than a watch must be worn.
  • Visible body piercing is not allowed.
  • During cold weather outdoor coats can be worn.  Denim jackets, tracksuit tops and hooded tops are not suitable outdoor clothing.  Outdoor clothing may not be worn in the school building.

Key Stage 4

  • As above, or alternatively, a plain fitted white shirt and plain black cardigan may be worn.

Personal Property

  • Students are responsible for looking after personal property
  • All students will have a locker in which to leave personal possessions, P.E. kit, outdoor coats etc
  • Money should be kept on their person in a purse or wallet
  • During P.E. lessons valuables should be handed to the teacher for safekeeping.  The changing room is kept locked during lessons
  • If students need to bring a mobile phone to school it should not be used whilst they are in the school building. If it is used within school it will be confiscated and can then be collected from school reception at the end of school day.

Useful Information for Pupils Before Taking Part in PE


  • Make sure you prepare your kit the night before your lesson.  Put it in your bag and place it near the door, so even if you are in a hurry, you will never forget it.  Keep a spare copy of your timetable on your bedroom wall and highlight the days you get P.E.
  • Tell your parents/guardian when your P.E. lessons are – when it comes to washing your kit, they must know when you need it.
  • Sew nametags on all your P.E. kit.  Write your name in your shoes and trainers.
  • When the weather is cold, your teacher will tell the class whether they should put on their tracksuit.  Do not automatically put it on; ask your teacher first.
  • A plastic bag is useful to put muddy trainers in, so your schoolbooks will not get dirty.
  • Bring a change of socks.  Do not wear your sports socks as part of your school uniform – if you get them wet in P.E. you will be uncomfortable all day.  It is also more hygienic to change into your sports socks.
  • No jewellery is to be worn for P.E. lessons
  • If you are unable to take part in P.E. for any good reason you must bring a letter from your parents/guardian to your teacher, explaining the reasons why.  Even if you are excused from practical activity, you must still bring your P.E. kit to wear, so you can still listen, observe and understand National Curriculum lessons and targets, even if you cannot take a practical part yourself.  So, even if you cannot take part, you can still reach National Curriculum targets by umpiring, coaching, giving advice, observing and assessing your classmates.  School uniform is unsuitable for this – you could get wet, muddy and cold feet on the fields.  Far safer and warmer to be dressed in your P.E. kit.
  • Tell P.E. staff immediately if you suffer from long-term illness, e.g.  asthma, diabetes or epilepsy.  Report any medical information you think would be helpful to the P.E. staff, e.g. previous accidents and injuries.  If you are asthmatic you must always keep your inhaler with you in P.E.
  • Ask at the P.E. department office if you lose your P.E. kit.  We have dozens of unclaimed items, with names too faded to read on the labels.  Always use a permanent marking pen.
  • We have kit checks regularly – so be prepared.
  • Always put equipment away neatly and report any faults or breakages you notice to your teacher.
  • If you hurt yourself in a P.E. Lesson, do not suffer in silence – tell your teacher.
  • Keep your form tutor informed if you represent the school in sport.  The tutor will make sure this is recorded in your Progress File.  Tell your tutor and parents about important fixtures – they may like to be invited to come and watch you play.

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