BRIGHT Rewards

Our reward system is based on character traits. We want Jarrow School students to be Brave, Respectful, Independent, Generous, Hardworking and to Thrive so that they leave us with high standards of achievement both academically and personally.  These character traits create the acronym BRIGHT. 

At Jarrow School, we want to help students achieve excellent exam results and also become well-rounded, responsible members of society, ready for the world of work and for the plethora of challenges that life can bring. To do this we strive to impress the importance of our ethos and culture on both students and parents alike.  It is essential that every student invests in these core values because we believe that this is how they will achieve success, not just in their life at Jarrow School but also beyond it.


  • Encourage pupils to understand, value and demonstrate the positive behaviour traits that would make them well-rounded, grounded citizens;
  • Support the development of the skills required to function in and contribute to society;
  • Support social and emotional development, in order for pupils to better understand themselves and work on their weaknesses;
  • Instil pupils with a moral compass and skills in understanding and interacting with other people.

Developing Character Skills in schools

Students can collect BRIGHT reward points if they display these characteristics both inside and outside of the curriculum.   Students who contribute to the positive ethos of the school are recognised and rewarded. When a student reaches:

  • 50 achievement points (Bronze), the Head of Year will acknowledge this with a postcard home.
  • 110 achievement points (Silver), the Senior Assistant Headteacher will acknowledge this with a letter.
  • 180 achievement points (Gold), the Headteacher will acknowledge this with a further letter.
  • 291 achievement points (Platinum), this will be recognised by the Governing Board and students will receive a formal letter from the Chair of Governors.  At this point the Platinum students will become ambassadors for the school.

The points are based on the Jarrow March, also known as the Jarrow crusade where an organised protest against the unemployment and poverty suffered in the English town of Jarrow during the 1930s.  Around 200 men marched 291 miles from Jarrow to London, carrying a petition to the British government requesting the re-establishment of industry in the town following the closure in 1934 of its main employer, Palmer's shipyard.  Students start their BRIGHT journey with us on zero points and by demonstrating key character traits will hopefully achieve platinum status of 291 points.

A PDF presentation with more information about our students BRIGHT journey is available here. 

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