Key Stage 3 Geography Overview

Year 7

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Spring Term
Summer Term
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This is Geography

How do we study geography?

What are the different branches of geography? 

What skills do we need to develop to become better geographers?

Wild weather – Constant climate

What is the weather and how can we measure it?

Why is weather so changeable?

What factors affect climate?

7 billion and counting 

Why do some populations grow more quickly that others?

What are the consequences of migration?

Can we cope with an aging population?

Climate change & energy for the future

Why does climate vary in the long term?

What is causing current climate change?

How can we develop sustainable energy?

Crumbling coasts 

What processes help to shape our coastlines?

Can we defend ourselves against coastal erosion?

Why are our oceans under threat?

Our Place – Our Islands 

What are the major physical features of the British Isles?

What human changes have helped to shape Britain?

How is Britain changing?


Year 8

Autumn Term
Spring Term
Summer Term
Sep - Oct Nov - Dec Jan - Feb Feb - Easter Easter - May May - July

Restless Earth – time ticking tectonics

Why do people live in danger zones

Cause, effects and responses to volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis

Can we prevent or protect ourselves from tectonic hazards?

Global development

Why is there a development gap?

How can we measure development? 

What can be done to reduce the development gap?


Postcards from paradise 

What are the human and physical attractions of holiday destinations?

Why is tourism such big business?

What are the impacts of tourism?


Once Upon a Coal Mine – economic change

What are the different ways in which people earn a living?

Where are the coal miners?

How do industries choose a suitable location?

Raging Rivers & fantastic floods 

How does a river change from the source to the mouth?

How do rivers create distinctive landscapes?

Why do some rivers flood?

Changing Places – urban change

What are the characteristics of different settlements?

How do settlements change over time?

What are the consequences of rapid urbanisation?


Year 9

Autumn Term
Spring Term
Summer Term
Sep - Oct Nov - Dec Jan - Feb Feb - Easter Easter - May May - July

What are natural hazards?

Definitions of hazards, hazard risk and tectonic hazards. 

What are weather hazards?

Causes, effects and responses to tropical storms and weather hazards in the UK.

Can we adapt to climate change?

Causes, effects and responses to climate change in the UK and globally.

What are ecosystems?

Definitions/ features of ecosystems and the impact of human change.

What are Hot Deserts?

Characteristics of climate soils and vegetation in Hot deserts. Living in Hot Deserts.

What are tropical rainforests?

Characteristics of climate soils and vegetation in Tropical Rainforests.



Year 10

Autumn Term
Spring Term
Summer Term
Sep - Oct Nov - Dec Jan - Feb Feb - Easter Easter - May May - July

UK Physical Landscapes (overview plus Coastal Landscapes) 

UK Physical Landscapes (River Landscapes) 

Natural Hazards (Global Weather Hazards, Typhoon Haiyan) 

Natural Hazards (UK Weather Hazards, Climate Change, Tectonic Hazards)

Ecosystems (Local Scale Ecosystems, Tropical Rainforests, Brazil case study, Hot Desert ecosystem characteristics, Thar case study ) 

Ecosystems (Hot Desert Environment – opportunities, challenges, risks) 

Challenges of Resource Management (UK Demand and Provision of food, water, energy) 

Challenges of Resource Management (Energy) 

Fieldwork (local) 


Year 11

Autumn Term
Spring Term
Summer Term
Sep - Oct Nov - Dec Jan - Feb Feb - Easter Easter - May May - July

Fieldwork and Skills Blast 

Urban Issues and Challenges (Global Urban Trends and Urbanisation, Lagos  opportunities and challenges)

Urban Issues and Challenges (London opportunities and challenges, Urban Sustainability)

Changing Economic World (Economic Development and Development Gap, Rapid Growth and change in Nigeria)

Changing Economic World (Rapid Growth and change in Nigeria, UK Economic Changes)


DME and Issues Evaluation  (resource analysis, data presentation, cost-benefit, decision making)


PAPER 1: Living with the Physical Environment (1½hr)

PAPER 2: Challenges in the Human Environment (1½hr)

PAPER 3: Geographical Applications (1¼hr)



Unit 2: 20th Century Depth Studies

Section A The Roaring 20s: USA 1919-1929

Section B Depression and the New Deal: The USA, 1929-1941

Section C War in Vietnam, 1964-1975

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