Key Stage 3 History Overview

Year 7

Autumn Term
Spring Term
Summer Term
Sep - Oct Nov - Dec Jan - Feb Feb - Easter Easter - May May - July


The Norman Conquest - Invasion

The Norman Conquest – Occupation & Control

Medieval Life

Religion – the Church and Monasticism

The Black Death

Power – Challenging Authority & Feudalism

The Tudors – religious change

Life in Tudor England


Year 8

Autumn Term
Spring Term
Summer Term
Sep - Oct Nov - Dec Jan - Feb Feb - Easter Easter - May May - July

The English Revolution

Cromwell's Commonwealth

The Slave Trade

The Industrial Revolution

The Fight for Rights


Twentieth Century Overview

First World War

Treaty of Versailles

Second World War

The Holocaust


Year 9

Autumn Term
Spring Term
Summer Term
Sep - Oct Nov - Dec Jan - Feb Feb - Easter Easter - May May - July

Britain in 1901

Women’s suffrage

  • Black Friday 1910
  • The Derby 1913

World War One and the peace settlement

  • Battle of the Somme
  • Treaty of Versailles
  • German reactions

Britain between the wars:


  • General Strike


  • Jarrow Crusade


  • Democracy
  • Communism
  • Fascism


  • Background
  • Rise to Power
  • Nazi Germany

Second World War

  • Causes
  • Event(s)


The Holocaust


GCSE History


AQA GCSE History

At Key Stage 4 the students follow a 2 year programme of study which will be examined at the end of Year 11. The students follow the new AQA GCSE History syllabus which is comprised of four sections and is then divided into subsections.

Understanding the Modern World

Section A: Period Studies

Germany, 1890 - 1945: Democracy and Dictatorship:

Germany and the growth of democracy

Germany and the Depression

The experiences of Germans under the Nazis


Section B: Wider world depth studies

Conflict and tension, 1918 - 1939 


The League of Nations and international peace

The origins and outbreak of the Second World War


Shaping the nation

Section A: Thematic studies

Britain: Power and the people: c1170 to the present day 

Challenging authority and feudalism

Challenging royal authority

Reform and reformers

Equality and rights


Section B: British depth studies

Norman England c1066-c1100

The Normans: Conquest and control

Life under the Normans

The Norman Church and monasticism 

The historic environment of Norman England*

*The historic environment is 10% of the overall course which equates to approximately 12 hours out of 120 guided learning hours.

Students will be examined on a specific site in depth. This site will be as specified and will be changed annually. The site will relate to the content of the rest of this depth study. It is intended that study of different historic environments will enrich students' understanding of Elizabethan England.

Unit 2: 20th Century Depth Studies

Section A The Roaring 20s: USA 1919-1929

Section B Depression and the New Deal: The USA, 1929-1941

Section C War in Vietnam, 1964-1975

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