Art and Design

Key Stage 3 Overview

The National Curriculum for Art and Design aims to ensure that all pupils:

  • Produce creative work, exploring their ideas and recording their experiences.
  • Become proficient in drawing, painting sculpture and other art, craft and design techniques.
  • Evaluate and analyse creative works using the language of art craft and design.
  • Know about the great artists, craft makers and designers, understand the historical and cultural development of their art forms.

Year 7

Autumn Term
Spring Term
Summer Term
Sep - Oct Nov - Dec Jan - Feb Feb - Easter Easter - May May - July

Basic drawing techniques Mark making, 3D Forms, Texture and Grid drawing.

Accuracy of using proportion as a method in drawings. Shading and tonal values looking at the ‘Formal Elements’ of Art.

Symmetry and half and half imagery. The use of a viewfinder to draw a close up in detail.

Painting skills using Watercolour palette.

Developing the use of correct consistency in paint pigment/water. Researching the work of Claude Monet and using his work to create studies.

Blending using oil pastels and creating a visual literacy.

Cultural Art looking at Biro drawings and incorporating Henna designs.

Native American art through Totem Pole design.

Aboriginal Art project based on Animals, printing, the Rainbow serpent and symbols.

African art and 3d mask making.


Year 8

Autumn Term
Spring Term
Summer Term
Sep - Oct Nov - Dec Jan - Feb Feb - Easter Easter - May May - July

Cubism and layout in artworks, looking at ‘Guernica’ and its political meaning.

Picassos ‘Weeping Woman’ using Cubism to dissect own imagery. Portraiture and the use of fragmentation.

The Colour wheel and mixing with the connotations of colours.

Pop Art movement with a focus upon printing, comic book/superhero illustrations.

Mixed media techniques looking at the works of Jim Dines and Jasper Johns and comparing the two.

Complimentary Confectionary project with grid drawing and half and half image of wrapper.

Teesha Moore collage based work and overlaying Text and Image.

Still Life studies and how to create cast shadow and highlight definitions.

Sketchbook Format A3 Design sheets/sketchbook Sketchbook


Year 9

Autumn Term
Spring Term
Summer Term
Sep - Oct Nov - Dec Jan - Feb Feb - Easter Easter - May May - July

Series of workshop style classes delivering drawing skills and experimentation with varied materials.For instance, manipulating an image with process and medium.

Correct material handling and in-depth artist research double pages.

Development of own ideas, production of Idea 1,2,3

Compositional studies and learning the use of page layouts.

Annotation in art and key terminology.

Digital media and Photography based works. Using Primary and Secondary source materials to draw inspiration from.

Composing a Final outcome.


Key Stage 4

Year 10

Autumn Term
Spring Term
Summer Term
Sep - Oct Nov - Dec Jan - Feb Feb - Easter Easter - May May - July

Exam based question choice for example

  • ‘Welcome to my World’
  • ‘It becomes an Obsession’
  • ‘Fragments of Nature’

Introduction to a range of materials and processes before answering question with own responses relating to the four assessment objectives.

Identity and the Body Mood board format looking at the themes of

  • ‘Manipulated image’
  • ‘Cells’
  • ‘Self-Portraits’

Analysing and evaluating own work and works of others through annotation.

Mock Exam question followed by a photography-based task.

Completion of all portfolio work carried out so far (Year 9/10)


Year 11

Autumn Term
Spring Term
Summer Term
Sep - Oct Nov - Dec Jan - Feb Feb - Easter Easter - May May - July
Respond to the assessment objectives and strengthen coursework portfolio. Refinement of all portfolio work and further annotation and summarise all work.

Submit exam and all marks.

Coursework completion and deadline structure.


AQA Art and Design follows four set assessment objectives they are as follows:

AO1 - Development (Showing improvement in art skills and developing own styles and ideas)

A02 - Refinement  (Is reviewing own work and trying out new materials/processes and improving upon current work)

A03 - Collection (Is collecting artist images, research and commenting on the work of others)

A04 - Final Piece (Is creating a finished piece of work either in your sketchbook or separately based on your research and showing your art skills)

Unit 2: 20th Century Depth Studies

Section A The Roaring 20s: USA 1919-1929

Section B Depression and the New Deal: The USA, 1929-1941

Section C War in Vietnam, 1964-1975

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